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The Best Vegetarian Frozen Meal Brands

I have been a vegetarian for about 20 years now. I went vegetarian as a child out of my deep concern and compassion for animals. Although I was the only vegetarian in my family (and only vegetarian that I knew), it just struck me as the right thing to do. Animals deserve to be free of abuse and exploitation, and they should not be killed for food. I mean, there are so many more ethical and absolutely delicious choices, especially in this day and age. 
However, finding vegetarian fast food is still a challenge. Even the veggie burger at Burger King isn’t vegan. While Taco Bell does present vegan choices for whole meals if you modify some of their burritos, that would get old if you ate it all the time. So, for those of us that don’t cook very often as a choice or because of travel or other lifestyle challenges, that means we need to find other sources of convenient vegetarian fare. Well, luckily, there are now lots of choices.
Amy’s Kitchen is probably the company that produces the best quality frozen meal options for vegetarians. They also have a wide variety of vegan meals. They even offers kids’ meals that are vegan, such as a baked ziti meal that’s to die for and is made with vegan cheese, not the cruel dairy kind! From pot pies to enchilada meals to veggie loafs to veggie burgers to whole vegan cakes, this brand serves up organic, healthy food with a lot of taste. I wish they’d go completely vegan and do away with dairy and eggs in all their products. However, they are a wonderful brand that’s always to be trusted. To make it easy for vegans like me, they even place a “Vegan” label in parenthesis first on the ingredients list if the product is vegan so you don’t have to spend forever reading ingredients. I have no complaints about this brand at all. 
Tofurky is another wonderful brand that produces vegan treats. It’s made by Turtle Island Foods, Inc. There are many wonderful products. They have a frozen pizza line that’s delectable and completely vegan. Such options as the faux pepperoni and non-dairy “cheese” pizza are fabulous. The Tofurky roast with its delectable dressing and gravy is a must and not just on Thanksgiving.
Other brands that bring really wonderful vegan choices include Boca, Morningstar, and Lightlife. Although the whole companies are not vegan or vegetarian, some companies like Kashi also offer some delicious vegan choices.