February 2010

Who Died For That Hot Pocket?

A lot of people are going semi-vegetarian these days, or "vegetarian-ish" if you prefer, or the more twee "flexitarian."  And who can blame them?  I read somewhere recently that the United States has one of the worst food safety records and agricultural systems in the world.  The way we treat our livestock is the horror of the world.  We insist on eating acres of meat per person, and we insist that it be very cheap.  

Dairy Farm Cow Torture Revealed

An animal rights group conducted an investigation of a dairy farm in upstate New York, and documented the horrors they found on videotape.  This dairy farm was in the practice of docking their cows' tails, a controversial process which has already been outlawed in California, and which may soon be outlawed in other states.

According to dairy farmers who practice it, tail docking prevents cows from spreading manure around.  (I'm thinking if your last line of defense in keeping your barn clean is to remove your cows' tails, you're doing it wrong.)  Needless to say, the docking is typically performed on adult animals, without the benefit of anesthetic.  The practice is barbaric, useless, and needlessly cruel, and needs to be stopped.